Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Time to top making unnecessary decisions

Small things done consistently in strategic places create major impact. - Russell Bishop.

Decision-making is our most powerful leadership ap. We need to stop using it willy-nilly.

One of my very first clients, back in the eighties, was the CEO of a major multinational ad agency based in Covent Garden. For our initial session, he booked a conference room in a nearby hotel. Strange? - I thought.

As he revealed to me the depth, complexity and seriousness of the personal and professional issues he was dealing with, I could feel the sweat trickling down the back of my neck. I surreptitiously wiped by brow and waited till the ‘right’ response came up.

I took a deep breath, leaned forward, fixed his eyeballs onto mine and said with a slight tremor, ‘Before we go any further, you have a decision to make.’ ‘What’s that?’ he asked.

‘Do you want to die? Or do you want to live?’

This comes into the category of what we might call ‘necessary decisions’.
It’s occurring at the highest levels of the game of life.

Making decisions at the lower, more day-to-day tactical levels can often be seriously counter-productive.

Let me explain. Very often we can blur the critical distinction between decision and choice. Sometimes we use the terms as if they were synonymous. They’re not.

The word decide comes from the Latin, cidium. Meaning kill. Hence sui-cide, homi-cide, geno-cide, insecti-cide, etc-cide. To decide means to kill all other options (that could sometimes lead to our result). Occasionally we do want to kill off the alternatives - like deciding to get married or to give up crack cocaine. More often than not, we don’t.

When, as a child, say, we have made decisions about who we believe ourselves to be and our life purpose, etc, we kill off our ability to experience a greater truth as it unfolds. We close off to ideas and possibilities that contradict our childish coping strategies. We so often live our lives and design our business strategies around proving that our (misguided) self-beliefs are untrue. They usually are - so why waste energy proving it?

Choice, on the other hand is powerful in another way. Freedom of choice is heresy. Heresy comes from the Greek word for choice, heraitikos. If we make more free choices rather than feeling pressured into making ‘the right, or the best decision’ we may risk being a heretic but can feel liberated and remain flexible as reality unfolds thwarting our expectations as is its wont. Instead of defending a worn out point of view we are not committed to anything but flowing freely in the present.

Our culture mistakenly tends to associate strong leadership with adamant decision-making. Flexibility and changing direction is perceived as a weakness. This is utterly crass.

False certainty and resolute decisions based on fantasy predictions about the future is not just a weakness - it’s negligent and irresponsible. We have the power to create the future we want by making key strategic decisions and commitments where the rubber hits the road, keeping our eyes on the real track ahead and making moment-by-moment choices with agility and verve as stuff shows up to throw us off.

My aforementioned CEO got in touch with his true purpose. He decided to align his life and career with this inner truth. He confessed to being a closet poet and musician, and found the courage to express his creativity and sensitivity in a notoriously hostile environment. He decided to live, to conquer his fear and the life-threatening illness that was devouring him. He brought his life and his work back into line with a few, critical high-level decisions.

He escaped from a fatally stressful existence into a life of self awareness and sunshine. He bought a villa somewhere in the south of France. I haven’t heard from him in years but I’ll bet he retired there, a wealthy man, to enjoy his family, write poems and compose music.

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Saturday, 1 May 2010

2012 - is the end nigh? Again?

The Mayan prophesy fortells that the world will end in 2012! What on earth does this mean?
Somewhere in the Gospels (sorry, unable to track down chapter and verse) I’m pretty sure Jesus says something like ‘This world belongs to Satan.’ In any case, to make sense of a prophesy like this, to be intellectually honest, we must first ask - what is really meant by ‘the world’? Just the physical planet we call earth? Hardly. The entire universe? Maybe? Because if the earth were destroyed we cannot imagine the impact on the rest of the universe. Or is it the state of consciousness through which we perceive (or project) the external reality? Refer back to Genesis 1 and John 1 to review from what everything was made – the Word, the Sound, the Name.
Based on the deeper understanding of the symbols in Revelation we’ll explore in Volume 2, it becomes clear that the end of ‘the world’ has already taken place. The world is a symbol for Lucifer’s kingdom. His reign was ended around 2000 years ago.

According to the Mayan prophesy, around now, a second sun will appear in the sky orbiting between our sun and the earth. This is very likely a metaphor of the so-called ‘second coming’. In other words, 2000 marks the era in which the new consciousness, the new Jerusalem, the second coming, the Christ action, will blossom to a new level in humanity. This is the age of Aquarius, the end of the age of Pisces, the cusp of which we are currently traversing.

12 could very well be a symbol for the 12 tribes of Israel - the children of God. Us.

And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in the foreheads. And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed a hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel. – Revelation, 7, 2-4.

If you know the Revelation, 12 X 12 X 1000 is the 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel. The 144,000 who are spared the destruction of Lucifer. The angel of death passes over the ones with the seal on their forehead – another reprise of the Passover story.
Israel, as we discovered is probably an acronym of Isis-Ra-Elohim, a symbol for the true name of God. The 144,000 is all of us. All humanity, all souls, have already been released from bondage. We just don’t fully realise this yet. The second coming began in the time of Abraham and is still with us. The end of the world has already happened - it means the end of the world of illusion - Lucifer’s kingdom.

The second sun, the second son, is already in orbit around us. It is invisible to the earthly eye. Visible only when we open our spiritual vision. We can relax. It is not here to destroy us. It is here to protect us and to guide us home.

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