Monday, 26 April 2010

If you were God

Imagine you wanted to bring home a group of souls who, when you sent them on a divine learning mission, had access to all knowledge in the universe as well as awareness of their true divine nature. Originally, they knew who they really were as one with you and each other. However, they were deceived into losing nearly all of this awareness and knowledge. They now define themselves by the illusions caused by time, space, words, language and judgment. Accordingly, they feel the constant pain of separation from their true selves and each other. They are now trapped in an almost inescapable space-time matrix.
How would you communicate what happened to them and how they can get back home to you? How would you communicate the truth of a series of events and directions that only exist in a dimension without space, without time, without words, without language and without judgment to this group of beings whose apparent reality is nothing but space, time, language and judgment? What on earth would you do?
Give up? Forget about it? Declare it impossible? Lose these souls forever?
Or - construct a nexus of symbols that, on the one hand, speaks in the language of time and space that they can relate to, and at the same time points to the reality that exists beyond space and time?
If you did take this latter, more optimistic course, there would of course be risks. They might not understand it. They might spend thousands of 'years' trying to make sense of it. They might make some dreadful mistakes that drive them not back home to where they belong, but even further away into the outer regions of darkness and despair.
But if you did take this risk, if you did, through some agency, get your message written in a book - albeit at times mysterious and masked by static, what do you imagine these people might call this book? How would you begin?

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