Tuesday, 27 April 2010

When is a day not a day? In the Bible.

Are you days and confused? Those three innocuous little letters d-a-y have probably cost the lives of thousands of heretics over the centuries - including Jesus Christ's.

The ancient superstition decreed that 'day' was a solar 24-hours. But this is a scientific and theological impossibility. Scrutinising and challenging the symbology in the Bible - and Genesis in particular - it becomes clear that each of the seven 'days' not only occured simultaneously but instantaneously outside the dimension of time and space. The first 'Day' (capital 'D' in the KJV) is even deeper. It is certain to be a reference to the True Name of God. This is as opposed to 'Night', a code name for Lucifer.

'And God called the light Day. And the darkness he called Night'.

These are nothing to do with the first sunrise, but a metaphor for the positive and negative poles of the universe that allow the energy of light to flow.

There are more Gems in Genesis than we can count when we look into the light behind the shadows in the Bible.

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